Seafood Watch: Part 1

Your Health and the Seafood You Eat

If you are like me than you love to eat seafood. But you are also worried about its quality. Being a resident of Southern California the availability of seafood is almost endless. Some questions you may want answered are: Is it safe for my kids, What are the omega contents, what are the mercury and other contaminant contents, and do I need to be concerned with radiation?

Here are the places you can go to get these types of questions answered!

General: This is a great site that gives you a lot of information about the seafood your children, and even you, should be eating. They have a list of the best choices for healthy and environmentally friendly seafood. They discuss the health benefits of seafood, and why we need it in our diets. They also have information on preparation and recipes. This is a great site that has a wealth of information about seafood. They discuss food safety, daily recommendations, nutritional benefits, and more! This is a great website for the latest seafood news and advisories. They also have Mercury and contaminant tables available.

Mercury and other contaminants: This is a great resource to see the best eco-friendly and health choices for seafood. You can search by the origin and type of fish to see its eco and mercury rating. This website is a great place to find articles, videos, and reports about the latest seafood news. This link will take you to the page on mercury, but you can look around to find a lot more info on seafood.

Radiation: This is the FDA’s latest on radiation concerns over the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power facility incident. They state that there is NO current evidence of radionuclides from the incident being found in FDA regulated imported seafood, or US caught seafood (as of March 2014).

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