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Are All Pillows Created Equal?

Memory foam pillows are a big market within the pillow community. The pricing of these pillows can vary quite a lot, but according to experts, an inexpensive memory foam pillow may be able to offer just as much satisfaction as an expensive one.

Memory foam is open-cell polyurethane-silicon plastic and is known for its viscoelastic properties. First invented by NASA during the 1960’s, today it is found in a wide variety of products.

On average people pay $40 for a memory foam pillow. Consumer Reports buying guide found little difference between “high-end” and “low-end” brands in terms of comfort, construction quality, and sleep quality. Memory foam pillows can cost anywhere from $20 all the way up to nearly $400.

Buying Tips:

To find out the firmness of a pillow place it on a firm, flat surface. Push your hand into it about half of the pillows original thickness. The more force you need to apply with your hand, the firmer the pillow. The speed the pillow returns to normal shape is how resilient the pillow is. Check the tags, seams, zippers, stitching, evenly distributed filling, and piping that reduces wear on the edges. This will give you an idea of the quality. Memory foam pillows tend to have an odor to them so be sure to smell test it before buying.

Most Important:

The biggest concern when purchasing a pillow is being sure it fits the way you sleep. Be sure you get a pillow that fits your natural contours, so it will put your head in the proper resting position. Do not get an oversized pillow or use multiple pillows, which can result in an elevated or declined position of the neck when sleeping. This position can lead to the shortening and lengthening of the muscles, which can in turn lead to pain and discomfort.

Here is a link for information on proper sleeping position: Sleeping Position


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