Stay Young, Run!

Running: It Can Keep You Young

New research conducted at the University of Boulder and Humboldt State have found that seniors who run several times a week to keep up with their physical fitness routine can keep their goals on track. What this research is suggesting is that people who run consistently can actually slow their aging progression.

Running can help keep you younger, at least when looking at age in terms of energy efficiency.

The Study: 

Observed 30 people with the average age of 69 who regularly walked or ran for exercise. Participants were either walking or running at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes or more. They had been doing this physical activity for more than 6 months.

What the researchers found was that those who worked out regularly had more mitochondria in their cells. It is the mitochondria that act as the powerhouse of the cell and help produce the energy our cells need.

It is believed that the muscle cells of the elderly runners are what give them the higher energy efficiency.


Walking or running for exercise may have many positive health benefits.

  • Preventing heart disease
  • Prevention or controlling of diabetes
  • Weight loss
  • Depression relief
  • And more!!!


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