Nutrition For Kids

Teaching Food Rules To Children

If you are a parent it is natural to want the best nutrition for your child. We need our children growing up strong and healthy. Here are some rules to consider that may lead to healthier eating habits in your child.

Research is suggesting that children have healthier diets when their parents place restrictions on what they can eat and train them to control their impulses. The University of Buffalo conducted a study on 9,000 American children starting at age 2, which looked at self-regulation of the children’s eating habits. The children’s diets and parents’ food rules were then checked again at age 4.

What Works Best:

The combination of parental rules and children being able to self-regulate their behaviors works best in teaching young children to eat healthy. Children need to have a choice when it comes to food, but those choices should be limited within the food rules set by parents. Teaching portion control to children is also an important aspect of setting food rules.

Parents’ rules as to the right kind of foods their children can and can’t eat have a great impact on a child’s eating habits. Without these rules children may be more likely to overeat or eat the wrong things, which may lead to obesity.


Try to instill these rules for your children early on. Stay positive about eating habits (make an example of the good habits they are showing, not the bad habits). Make everyone in the family responsible. Keep a variety of options available to get the most nutrition for your children and keep it exciting. Don’t forget about the importance of physical activity.

Here is a link to some great starting tips of what your child’s nutrition should look like:

Child Nutrition


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