Tips To Help Eliminate Your Gut

Goodbye Gut

Ever hear the saying that abs are made in the kitchen? Well there is definitely some truth to pairing a good diet with exercise for the best results. Increased fat accumulated around the midsection posses an increase for many health risk factors, such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke risk.

How much is too much? It is thought that women should have a waist circumference of less than 35 inches, and men of less then 40 inches to reduce their risks. Anything above those measurements may increase your risks.

5 tips to cut belly fat:

  1. Cut Soda and Juice: They have a lot of refined sugar in them. Large amounts of sugar cause spikes in insulin levels and often convert into fat to be stored. If possible juice your own fruit or add a slice of your favorite fruit to flavor your water.
  2. Decrease Stress: Stress can reduce willpower, increase appetite, and increase hormone levels throughout your body. Try acupuncture, chiropractic, tai-chi, yoga, meditation, or whatever works for you to decrease your stress levels.
  3. Sleep well: Getting the right amount of sleep may help cut your waistline according to research. People who got 6-7 hours of sleep a night gained less visceral fat compared to those who got fewer then 5 or more than 8 hours of sleep over a five year study.
  4. Artificial Sweeteners: Although they may be low in calories, they still can bloat your stomach and be hard to digest. They have also been linked to increased appetite and overeating.
  5. Alcohol: This is a toxin and is often oxidized by the liver first. It can affect hormone levels, which can lead to your body storing extra calories. Alcohol also contains extra calories that add up fast. Try to limit alcohol consumption to special occasions, and always in moderation.

Don’t forget:

It isn’t just about diet and exercise. Remember to get a good night’s sleep, and try to stay stress free. It is NOT easy! A lot of times the midsection is the hardest place to loose fat stores. Make it about having a healthier lifestyle. Don’t just focus on the aesthetics of six-pack abs.


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This information is for educational purposes only. Seek the advice of a health specialist before making any changes to your healthcare.



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  1. Excellent post. I can attest to the fact that weight around the midsection is the hardest to lose! Diet, exercise, trying to get the right amount of sleep and de-stressing have been working for me!


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