CA Parks Website

Promising Website For Outdoor Lovers

There is a website I have found that seems like a great start for planning outdoor adventures. Take a look at I’ll go over a few of the pros and cons of this website.


  • You can search for state parks near your zip code or on a map.
  • You can search locations based on what you feel like doing (through the homepage) such as biking, beaches, camping, and even dog parks!
  • You can look at specific parks and there are small icons alerting you to what is available there (fishing, hiking, swimming).
  • There are some nice photos of each park.
  • You can link to the CA state park department for your selected park to get more info (contact, hours of operation, reservations).


  • When you want more info, it directs you to a different website (not a one stop website).
  • The map tool is nice, but it seems to freeze or slow down when using it.
  • Some of the pictures are not the greatest (they appear to be from instagram users who submit them,).

I hope this website will help those of you who are looking for outdoor activities here in California. I hope we can see the website as it continues to improve!


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