Lobbying For Chiropractic Rights

Chiropractic Legislative Conference 2015

This past Tuesday I had the honor of going to Sacramento to lobby for chiropractic rights alongside many passionate and hardworking chiropractors and chiropractic students. Every year the California Chiropractic Association (CCA) puts on this event to give its members a chance to lobby for chiropractic rights with our state legislative members.

As a new doctor of chiropractic I was able to see a lot of old mentors and make new relationships with great doctors across California. I was also able to talk to many soon-to-be doctors of chiropractic (students) who were very bright and proactive in the importance of fighting for their profession.

The CCA Orange County District (OCD) was greatly represented thanks to the leadership of our district President Elizabeth Hoefer, and the rest of the CCA-OCD board. Due to their efforts we were able to bring a large delegation of both Orange County chiropractors and chiropractic students from Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS).

Current issues we are fighting for:

AB41- A bill that will hopefully lead to the non-discrimination of chiropractors (and other professions) by insurance companies in CA. Currently there is no law in CA that makes sure insurance companies reimburse chiropractors for procedures done on patients that is within our scope of practice. This bill will copy a law already at the federal level.

SB277- This bill will remove the personal belief vaccine exemption in CA. The CCA currently opposes this bill because it removes a parent’s right to choose what is best for their families. This bill mandates vaccines for non-communicable disease, as well as mandates any vaccines that are added to the vaccine schedule in the future.

Workers Compensation Revision: There is a current 24-visit limit on all workers compensation patients that we would like removed. This cap on visits limits patients’ ability to receive, or continue receiving, their treatments. There are already review boards in place to be sure that all treatment plans are necessary. We are looking for an author to remove the 24-visit limit redundancy.


The event was a huge success, and I am thankful for everyone who was involved with the planning and execution of the conference. I hope that all doctors of chiropractic will consider joining their state associations and be active in fighting for their rights to practice (especially all the chiropractors in the Orange County District!).

I hope to see even bigger and more successful Legislative Conferences in the future!



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