Health Care Panel

Careers in the Health Care Industry Panel

I was lucky enough to be asked to represent my healthcare fields and be an expert panelist at my alma mater, UC Riverside, this past Wednesday. It was a great workshop for students interested in pursuing careers in the health care industry and gave them a chance to learn more about the daily tasks of the job, and what it takes to get into the profession. Here are a few examples of the questions and my responses as best as I can remember.

Expectations: This job is no walk in the park. Getting through the schooling aspect of it is very difficult. Long hours should be expected, both during graduate school and once in business.

Degrees: Although it doesn’t necessarily matter what undergraduate degree you have, you will have to complete the required basic science courses before starting towards your graduate degree. A lot of schools like taking students from different degree backgrounds. You can use this disadvantage as an advantage!

Skill Sets: Dedicate to a life of learning. Create strong study habits at the undergraduate level so you can continue to have success through your graduate degrees. You must be tenacious because you never know what is going to happen along your journey into the profession. You must have grit because things are never optimal, and you must find a way to continue under much pressure.

Encouragement: If it is something that you are truly passionate about, then focus on that passion. You will meet patients who make what you do worthwhile. Doing volunteer work is a great way to help others, and get that spiritual boost you need.

How to Prepare: Shadow as many professionals in the field you are interested in as possible. Be sure it is something you can see yourself doing, and something that you have a passion for. Try to do as much preparation as you can now to make it easier on yourself down the line. Intern or volunteer at as many events and places as you can. The people you meet may be the ones giving you referrals in the future.

We were also able to help with many other questions from the students and field questions on a one-on-one basis with those who had more personal questions. The turn out was impressive and I am thankful to have been asked to be an expert panelist discussing the professions of chiropractic and acupuncture!

I hope I was able to help the students in any way possible. I always look forward to speaking to those who want to listen. All the students were very attentive and interested, and I wish them the best of luck!

It was also interesting to see all the new updates at the UCR campus. They are continuing to do great things over there!