Chiropractic Treatment & Core Muscles

Chiropractic Adjustments Activate Core Muscles


Recent studies have suggested that a high-velocity, low-amplitude manipulation (such as the ones performed by your chiropractor) can enhance the protective mechanisms of some core muscles (multifidus and transverse abdominis).

The chiropractic adjustment seems to stimulate the muscle spindle fibers of the small muscles of the spine. Research has also shown that the chiropractic adjustment can stimulate the proprioceptive mechanism by exciting the golgi tendon organs, thereby increasing your stability.

Research found that the multifidus muscles (deep back muscles) retained increased recruitment a week after treatment, which means that more muscles are working together to accomplish a task and putting less stress on a single area.

How you can Benefit:

Chiropractic treatment along with regular focused exercise may have the ability to enhance core stabilization. The combination of both seems to have better clinical outcomes then either intervention alone.

If core weakness may be causing your problems chiropractic care that utilizes adjustments and specific exercise programs may be just what your body needs.


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