Summer Stressors

Summer Environmental Stressors

Summer is almost here, and that means an increase in environmental stressors. If you are going to be heading outdoors more, you may run into seasonal problems associated with the weather and environment. You want to be sure your body is ready for problems it may encounter this summer.

Important body systems:

Respiratory: Aids in the histamine response.

Immunity: Helps fight off foreign substances coming into your body.

Liver: Supports immunity and helps detoxify the body.

Spleen/Stomach: Helps absorb nutrition and is where a lot of your immune system resides.

Adrenals: When you are stressed, the body releases the stress hormone cortisol. Long-term stress can weaken the immune system.

If you are planning big trips this summer, or just a lot of weekend getaways, be sure you are giving your body proper nutrition to support these systems. You may look to the benefits of natural, whole food supplements to help boost these areas. Take the time now to get your body prepared for a healthy summertime full of fun! Talk to your acupuncturist/chiropractor to see what you can do to improve your health and wellness.

How to minimize contact with environmental stressors:

  • Take clothes used outside off once entering your home and wash them as soon as possible.
  • Take shoes off before bringing them through the house.
  • Take a shower after spending time outdoors.
  • Think about investing in an air purifier for your home. You may want to use your air conditioner instead of keeping windows opened (be sure your vents are clean, and change out any old filters).
  • Avoid touching your face when outside. Germs/pollen can enter your body through your nose, ears, eyes and mouth.
  • Wear the proper equipment when doing activities outdoors (gloves, face shields, etc.).
  • Be sure to wash your hands regularly.
  • Be mindful of the weather outside (windy/dry days may have increased environmental stressors in the air) and limit activity as needed.


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Remember that this information is for educational purposes only. Seek the advice of a health specialist before making any changes to your healthcare.