Exercise Safety

Exercise Safety Tips

Resistance Bands: Check the equipment before you start to use it. Be sure there are no tears in the fabric. Resistance bands that are old, torn, or cracked may snap and injure you. Run your hand down the length of the tube, or band, to be sure there are no tears or nicks. When storing them keep them out of heat and direct sunlight. This can weaken them and lead to them becoming unusable. Discard any old or broken equipment.

Treadmills: Be sure you know the machine basics before you start. If it is a new machine, get to know it or ask someone for help to get familiar with it. You should know where the emergency stop button is, and attach the emergency cord to your person if applicable. Be sure you are dressed properly for treadmill use and your shoes are tied. You can increase the incline for a more high intensity workout that is easier on the joints. Increasing speed will increase stress on the joints. Be sure you are in good health before starting any workout regiment.


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