Feeling Young

Lifestyle Tips: Keep Yourself Feeling Young

Everyone wants to stay young and healthy, but the fountain of youth hasn’t been found just yet. The following are the best ways to stay feeling younger and healthier, as well as some things to avoid that can decrease your lifespan.

Things to do:

  • Be sure you are eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of green vegetables. The Mediterranean diet can help decrease your risks of many diseases (heart disease, Alzheimer’s, etc.)
  • Stress can lead to many problems with your health (increased risks of cardiovascular disease and stroke) and your stress level is often hard to measure. You may feel like you’re fine, but still experience high stress symptoms. Be sure to take time to de-stress. Chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, and meditation are all great ways to relax. Even little things, like only checking your email 3 times a day, can help decrease the load of stress on your body.
  • Avoid sugar! Research is suggesting that sugar can actually make you look older. Instead reach for fruits and good fats if you get a sweets craving.
  • Keep exercising! Be sure to maintain your lean muscle mass and bone density as you age. Make exercising a fun part of your everyday life for the best chance of success.
  • Try to keep a healthy weight to avoid the many complications associated with being overweight or obese. Some research suggests that weighing in once a week led to the greatest success in weight loss.
  • Take care of your feet! A strong base is needed for proper balance. Be sure you have comfortable and supportive shoes that keep your feet happy.

Things to avoid:

  • Smoking
  • Not getting the right amount of sleep
  • A commute that is more than 30 minutes
  • Watching TV for more than 2 hours a day
  • Having sex less than 1 time a week
  • Consuming more than the recommended amount of alcohol
  • Sitting for more than 3 hours a day
  • Retiring before the age of 56


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Remember that this information is for educational purposes only. Seek the advice of a health specialist before making any changes to your healthcare.


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