Kind Of Rude

Rudeness Perpetuated

Can everyday attitudes be passed around like a common cold? There is a growing trend of people completing random acts of kindness, such as buying a coffee for the next person in line, etc. A recent University of Florida study has found that people who encounter rude behavior from a co-worker are more likely to act rude in future interactions.

The researchers found that having one rude employee may lead to other rude employees. People who were mistreated were more likely to feel that others were being rude to them in later interactions, and they would often respond by acting rude to others.


In one study, graduate students who participated in negotiations with their classmates would rate their behavior. When a student rated their partners behavior as rude, they were more likely to be rated as rude by their future partners.

Another study showed participants a video of a rude workplace interaction. They then had to answer an email from a fictitious customer. After seeing the rude video they were more likely to be rude in their email responses than others who first watched a video of a polite interaction at work.

What To Do:

  • Try to be the one who breaks the cycle. Rudeness may lead to more rudeness, but kindness can also lead to more kindness.
  • Get in good habits of releasing bad energy through doing things that make you happy (exercise, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, etc.)
  • It takes practice. Don’t expect to be great at turning the other cheek right away.


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