Fitness: Good For The Brain

Fitness & Brain Health

A recent study is suggesting that those who have kept up with regular aerobic exercise throughout middle age may decrease their loss of brain volume later in life. This may lead to a decrease in memory loss and other functions as we age. These health-boosting effects may last up to 20 years.


Scientists looked at 146 adults over ten years and measured cardiorespiratory fitness, as well as MRIs, to track decreases in brain volumes. Participants were an average of 69 years old at the start of the test, and had to be healthy and free of any cognitive impairment.

Researchers saw that those who were more fit at age 50 had less chance of brain volume decrease and less decrease in white matter compared to those who did not exercise as much.


– Long term studies like this one often get a narrower sampling of participants (healthier, more educated). Broader samplings are needed.

– The role aerobic exercise has on cognition still has to be studied.

– Exercise has many health benefits. Be sure you are making time to exercise, and don’t skip your cardio workouts!


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