What We Know About E-Cigs (so far)

E-Cigarette Truths

The trend to smoke e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) is growing. People have been smoking for a long time (over 2,000 years) but this new development is popular among the younger generation. We know the harmful effects that smoking can have on you (cancer, addiction, environmental impact) but there are a lot of myths, and unknowns surrounding e-cigarettes. Here are 7 things we know so far about e-cigarettes based on the latest research.

  1. Not all liquid refill flavors (e-juices) are the same toxicity. Ones that have cinnamon flavoring are the most cytotoxic.
  2. E-cigarettes do emit chemicals! E-cigarettes produce aerosol, and just one bad toxic chemical within it could make it more harmful then tobacco cigarettes.
  3. The Federal Government does not regulate the manufacturing of e-cigarettes. This means that if producers cut corners it may be even more harmful to your health. Some tested samples even contained tin within the e-juices.
  4. E-cigarette users tend to take longer puffs compared to tobacco smokers. This means that their substance volume intake it higher.
  5. There is no research yet on the environmental impact of e-cigarette waste compared to the well-documented effects of cigarette butt waste.
  6. We do not know if e-cigarette smoking is more, less, or just as harmful as tobacco smoking. Only time will tell.
  7. There is no secondhand smoke as with tobacco smoking, but users are still exhaling aerosol and any chemicals within the vapor. More studies need to be done to see what impact this has.


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