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Is Happiness the Key to Longevity?

Many studies have been done that show happy people live longer. A new paper that has been published comes to a different conclusion. Happiness isn’t responsible for longer life, but the things that make people happy (specifically their good health) is the thing shielding them from premature death.

Researchers looked at data from the Million Women Study to find answers to what type of people live longest. Those who said they were unhappy had a 29% more likelihood of death compared to those who said they were happy. But those who said they were unhappy were far more likely to be in poor health. When taking that caveat into account the link between happiness and mortality disappeared.

What this study means is that it may be more important to look at your health and well being as a major determining factor in your longevity. Being happy doesn’t hurt, but more research is needed to find out what specific traits and variables lead people to a longer, more fulfilled life.

Living a healthy lifestyle may be the most important variable in giving you a long life doing the things you love. So take care to move towards better health everyday!


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