Single Moms Need Sleep

Give Single Mothers A Nap

A new report from the CDC finds that 44% of single moms living with children under the age of 18 do not get the recommended seven hours of sleep a night.

Single dads do slightly better with only 38% of them getting less than the recommended seven hours per night.

33% of couples with kids were shown to get less then seven hours per night, but 34% of the dads had sleep deprivation compared to 31% of moms in these families.

Only 31% of single adults who didn’t live with kids got less then seven hours per night.

Single parents also thought they had the most trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, while couples with children did not suffer from these problems to the same extent.

Although single parents have trouble with sleeping, adults without kids reported taking medications to help with their sleeping at a higher rate.

People who are sleep deprived have a great risk for heart disease, diabetes, and depression. They are also more likely to be in car accidents and workplace accidents. Also, sleep deprivation is a risk factor for premature death.

This research means that we need to take care to be sure we are getting enough sleep every night. There are many options to to get help with sleeping if it becomes a problem. Don’t let sleep deprivation take over your life!

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