30-Day Challenge: Enerji Barre

THAW Challenge: Enerji Barre

The THAW challenge for the month of March took place at Enerji Barre. They are a local Tustin studio that offers HIIT, Sculpt, Barre, and even knockout (kick boxing) classes. For the challenge the Doctors tried to attend at least three classes a week over the course of 30 days.

Enerji Barre: I love this studio! The staff was extremely welcoming, and the atmosphere was one where everyone knew your name. I love the community vibe every time you walk into a class. The place is clean and the color scheme was relaxing. They have a modern app that you can download on your smart phone that makes signing-up/or canceling classes as easy as clicking a button.

Week 1: These classes were a lot more intense then I had anticipated! I made the rookie mistake of doing my very first class with 2 lb weights. My arms were SO tired! I was sore almost the entire week. But the classes were extremely fun & engaging.

Week 2: I soon noticed how un-flexible I am. The classes are a full body workout, but they also seem to focus on your glutes, core, obliques, and legs. These muscles are often weak due to disuse (especially in modern times). I liked taking three classes a week and by the 3rd class this week I felt energized after the workout instead of just tired.

Week 3: By the end of this week I felt a lot better with some of the regular moves we go through. My hips also started to feel like they loosened up a little. That really made me happy!

Week 4: I was really able to feel good and less sore after the workouts this week. I liked going to the early morning classes because I am NOT a morning person, and they forced me to get up and get the day started.

What I Learned: I really fell in love with this studio & will continue to take classes here! I would suggest at least a 3-month dedication to regular classes in order to make it a habit and get proficient at some of the moves. The workout will show the weaknesses in your body. I would highly suggest anyone exercising in a different manner (running, weightlifting) to try these classes to see where you may be neglecting certain muscles.

What a great challenge! Thanks Enerji Barre!