Anisa’s Health Testimony

At True Health & Wellness we believe that the key to health and wellness is not just taking care of the pain you are in, but making lifestyle changes so that you can enjoy doing what you love to do.  We have many great stories of our patient’s journeys.  Anisa’s journey is one of struggle and triumph!

“I used to feel hopeless and one day I decided to have some faith in myself, which paid off in a big way. I’ve struggled with low self-esteem and my weight my entire life. Growing up numerous people made comments about my weight, which developed a lot of insecurities. I tried to work on my weight by skipping meals but I hit a point in life where I just gave up and accepted who I was. I told myself I’m always going to be fat, this is who I am and with that mindset led me to where I was at my heaviest weight December of 2015. In a span of 5 years I went from 180 pounds to 289 pounds. I told myself I was happy and love who I am but I never meant it nor felt comfortable in my own skin. I never allowed people to take pictures of me and when I did see pictures of myself I couldn’t stand to look at them. Many nights I cried myself to sleep because I felt alone and felt that no one would ever love me. I mean I didn’t even love myself so why would anyone else want to? All I ever wanted in life was to be skinny, feel comfortable in my own skin and to feel beautiful.


In September 2015 I had a wake up call when one Tuesday morning I woke up in the worst lower back pain. I went to bed perfectly fine and woke up with the most intense pain I could barely move. I managed to get dress and get to work late but as the pain progressed through the day I knew it wasn’t going to go away. This is how I first met and started seeing Dr. David Valle. He took the time to understand my pain and helped get me back to where I needed to be in a month. Though I healed I kept up regular adjustments with Dr. David which to be honest my mindset was only to see him until I felt better and then only see him when I absolutely had to but I kept going back. Since I had been getting regular adjustments for a couple months finally in December I decided it was time to start focusing on my health. I started with focusing eating healthy and I lost 10 pounds by February 2016. Eating healthy was half my battle I knew deep down that I needed to exercise and Dr. David would always asks me every time I saw him how it was going so if that wasn’t a sign, I don’t know what is. I can tell you from experience though I did not like to exercise. I’m not sure if it was my traumatizing PE experience in high school but I hated the thought of exercise. I tried walking but was never consistent, I tried the gym but never felt comfortable since I only knew how to press a button on a machine versus having a routine and ultimately I didn’t enjoy either one of those options so I felt hopeless. I didn’t want to force myself to workout but wanted to find something I would enjoy doing that gave me results.


I’m grateful that I discovered Beachbody’s Cize. Cize is a hip-hop based workout focused on having fun versus focusing on working out. This program changed my life because I had a calendar to follow for 6 weeks and all I had to do was press play. Beachbody programs are home-based workouts and it was comforting because I honestly danced like no one was watching because they weren’t. I lost 19 pounds my first 6 weeks and did 5 more rounds to of lost a total of 35 pounds. It got me hooked on working out because I felt better, it relieved my stress, I had more energy and I felt lighter. I was noticing the physical changes, which gave me confidence, as well as the emotional changes. I also discovered an appreciation for eating clean because I didn’t want to waste my workout by eating something extremely unhealthy, and of course I still have an occasional cheat meal to keep myself sane but I don’t eat out everyday or binge anymore.


In August I did experience my lower back pain again but Dr. David got me through it and it healed in a week versus a month. Honestly I was upset my lower back pain came back because I felt like it was due to my weight the first time so working hard for 3 months to have it come back hurt emotionally. Luckily I have an awesome chiropractor that put it in perspective that this was just a speed bump. I needed to rest my body in order for it to heal so I could keep going and that’s what I did. I had a week off due to my pain but I once I started again I looked forward to it which showed me how my mentality changed because the old me would of looked for any excuse not to workout. I love being able to workout at home because I have no excuse not to workout and I can control what time of day I workout which is great for my busy schedule. Honestly that has been the best part of this journey was overcoming my excuses because by doing that I was able to prove myself wrong. I struggled to motivate myself to go home, change and drive to the gym. It was so easy to be lazy or say how I didn’t have time but now all I have to do is change and press play. I love that if I fall or trip I don’t feel embarrassed because it’s just me. I’m proof that you can workout at home for about 30 minutes a day and see results. Finally I don’t have to keep being that same sad overweight girl I always knew but a happy loving healthy girl who keeps surprising herself. It isn’t about being skinny or wanting to be accepted by others anymore it’s about living a healthy lifestyle. I workout daily, eat healthy consistently and I see Dr. David regularly for adjustments which helps a lot. I look forward to my adjustments because I feel renewed and refreshed. Dr. David has been one of my biggest supporters on this journey and if I didn’t continue to see him I may have not started or succeeded the past few months. He was there when I needed someone to lift me up and encourage me to keep going. I’m always excited to talk to him not just about my success but what I’m struggling with. I still struggle but I take it one day at a time and keep pushing myself. I’m not living my life to impress anyone else anymore. I’m living my life for me and I am forever grateful that Dr. David has been by my side to keep me going. If I can do it so can you, just have a little faith and take it one day at a time.”