THAW Challenge: Spring Training

True Health And Wellness (THAW) Challenge:

Spring Training Program

April THAW is going to be setting up & adhering to a Spring Training Program. We recently did a health talk on the subject & now we will dive into it ourselves for the month of April!

We hope these challenges will give us first hand insights about how to bring a better, healthier lifestyle to our patients and ourselves. We want to be walking the walk & talking the talk of a true health and wellness lifestyle.

Anyone who is interested please let us know if you want to set a Spring Training Program up for yourselves. We hope our posts will let you know how to go about doing it. We would love to hear any tips you may have as well!

Here is a breakdown of this month’s challenge:


What: Set up & follow a Spring Training Program for April!

Who: True Health & Wellness

Where: Tustin, CA

When: The month of April

We will be documenting the struggles, successes, and insights we experience while striving to live the true health and wellness lifestyle. We will be posting all the latest updates on our blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook.

Let us know if you have any recommendations for our next challenge!