THAW Challenge: Marathon

THAW Challenge: Marathon

Oh Boy! I have experienced some difficult times training for the LA Marathon that is coming up very soon. No body told me running a marathon was so hard! I’m going to break down the process of starting to prepare for the Marathon and some of the hardships I went through. Hopefully it’ll help you a little bit! We are half way there!

Start: I started getting into the Marathon training Nov 5th with the Tustin Unified School District Dino Dash 10k (6.2 miles). This is the third year in a row I ran this race. I love this race and all the people involved. It was a slow pace for me (I was slightly under the weather) & we encountered some light precipitation on the course.

I then wrote up the weekly training mileage I’d need to hit for the marathon. March 18th is the goal at 26.2. I traced every week from then & started laying out the mileage I’d need to hit every week with a long run every Sunday morning. I started with four runs a week.

Update: I soon found out that I needed to run everyday to stay on track. I’d run 1-3 miles before/after my big run days. If I took a day off it would always turn into 2 days off, and I’d have to run every day of the week anyways. I soon was ahead of the schedule with my long runs on the weekends. I ran a 13.3 mile on 12/24 in about 2 hour and 15 minutes. The long run mileage I had to hit was updated because I was ahead of schedule for my long runs. Then the holidays & injuries got in the way!

Mistakes & Injuries:

I ran a rough 12 miles the week before my half marathon distance & felt terrible. I was dealing with two blisters on one foot, and the cold/wind had frozen me. I was so dehydrated that I could not even spit!

Resolution: Luckily we have some amazing patients who heard my sad story & gave me help! We got proper running socks which is an absolute must if you are going to start running long distances. These socks keep your feet dry & help stop chafe that may cause blisters.

Proper gear- I was given some awesome gloves & some added nutrition for the longer runs & recovery. I purchased a running beanie & headband. This new gear made the cold morning runs a lot better.

There was a slight dip in mileage due to the holidays. I was getting shin splints because my shoes were old and completely worn down, so I had to get some new ones. Once I got back into the running after the New Year I unfortunately had a hamstring sprain/strain.


This injury was not major, but it really upset me. I started out with the normal rest, heat/ice contrast therapy, stretching, cupping, as well as chiropractic adjustment. I was feeling good after about 3 days, but still could not run on it.

Nutrition: Because of the injury I really focused on getting my diet on track (following a Mediterranean diet, increasing my anti-inflammatory supplements [turmeric and fish oils]). Saturday dinners will now be chicken & rice until after the marathon.

Latest: It is 9 days post injury & I was able to jog without too much discomfort. I will have to keep up with the rehab & ease back into my running routine.

I will have to update my mileage chart to make the marathon distance without too much trouble, but I should be ok (a little more rushed than hoped!).

More updates & insights to come! Run Hard, Run healthy!

THAW Challenge June 2017!

True Health And Wellness (THAW) Challenge:

Food Prep & MACros tracking

June THAW is going to be huge for keeping track of diet & nutrition. We want to food prep for 4 weeks and also follow our Macro intake during that time. It is almost beach season & getting in shape means watching what you eat.

We hope these challenges will give us first hand insights about how to bring a better, healthier lifestyle to our patients and ourselves. We want to be walking the walk & talking the talk of a true health and wellness lifestyle.

Here is a breakdown of this month’s challenge:

What: Food Prep & Macro Tracking!

Who: True Health & Wellness

Where: Tustin, CA

When: The month of June!


We will be documenting the struggles, successes, and insights we experience while striving to live the true health and wellness lifestyle. We will be posting all the latest updates on our blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook.

Let us know if you have any recommendations for our next challenge!



Tips To Help You Conceive

Trying to have a baby? Don’t give up!

Having a baby is already a hard and trying experience for mothers and fathers alike. If you are struggling to become pregnant it can take even more of a toll on your body and mind. Emotional stress is high, along with costs of prolonged treatments and pain endured during some procedures, but studies are suggesting not giving up too soon.

After analyzing data from hundreds of thousands of in vitro fertilization (IVF) attempts researchers found that women can increase their chances of having a live birth through 9 IVF cycles. Also, inclusion of the definition of a new cycle was expanded to include multiple attempts to transfer embryos in any given cycle. Currently many doctors are using outdated research that says percentage of live birth rates after four IVF cycles starts to decline.

Recent data saw that 30% of women had a live birth after their first IVF cycle, and the live birth rate was 20% for the next three cycles. After the first four cycles the live birth rate does decline in each additional cycle, BUT the cumulative odds of having a baby continued to rise through nine cycles.

The researchers found that women had a 69% chance of having a live birth by the end of nine IVF cycles.

Things that may also help:

  • Age: women under 40 who use their own eggs have a better chance at conceiving.
  • Acupuncture: Clinical observations suggest that the most effective fertility treatment involves acupuncture, herbal medicine, and traditional medicine. Acupuncture can help with decreasing stress & anxiety. It can help regulate menstruation, and create a balanced environment to conceive.
  • Chiropractic: Helps decrease stress on the mothers/fathers nervous system. Which is essential for reaching the body’s proper functional potential. Chiropractors are also trained to help with diet and lifestyle habits.
  • Diet: Creates the foundation for good health of the mother, and a good environment for embryos.
  • Natural Family Planning (NFP): Can help find the best days to try to conceive. You should have an ovulation calendar that applies to your body!


Your Tustin Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic: 

True Health & Wellness


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This information is for educational purposes only. Seek the advice of a health specialist before making any changes to your healthcare.



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