LegCon 2016

Chiropractic Legislative Conference 2016

This past Wednesday I once again had the honor of going to Sacramento to lobby for chiropractic rights! I was able to lobby with many passionate and hardworking chiropractors and chiropractic students. Every year the California Chiropractic Association (CCA) puts on this event to give its members a chance to lobby for chiropractic rights with our state legislative members.

Every year this event seems to get better! We heard from many legislators themselves on why they support the legislative bills we lobby for, and why they support the chiropractic profession as a whole. I was also able to talk to many soon-to-be doctors of chiropractic (students) who paid their own way, and took time away from a hard school schedule because they understand the importance of fighting for their profession. The students are ready to become full CCA members and help the association grow.

To me, as the Secretary of the CCA Orange County District (OCD), it is imperative to be sure our districts are represented. It is paramount to establish a rapport with the legislators and their staff both in Sacramento and in their home districts. They do their best to work for their constituents, so it is always good to let them know what is going on within their district.

Current issues we are fighting for:

AB1992- A bill that will hopefully lead to the non-discrimination of chiropractors (and other professions) by some school districts in CA. Currently it is up to the school district to allow chiropractors to perform pre-participation athletic sports physicals. The current code excludes entire classes of qualified providers from doing these exams even though it is in their scope of practice. This bill will give parents more health care choices for their student athletes.

AB2407- This bill will require patients with injuries within the workers compensation system to be given the ability to be assessed by a provider of conservative care prior to surgery. This bill gives injured individuals the chance to get a second opinion and ability to see if a more conservative treatment plan can help with their problems. There has been an alarming increase in opioid use and surgery among injured workers. This bill is based on a similar one passed in Oregon after a health commission found that opioid and surgery had been overprescribed for the treatment of back injuries and other pain conditions.


I hope to see these bi-partisan bills that have no financial impact on the state be passed. They are good for chiropractors and others within the conservative healthcare realm, and therefore should get a lot of groups in support of them. I hope that all doctors of chiropractic will consider joining their state associations and be active in fighting for their rights to practice (especially all the chiropractors in the Orange County District!).

I hope to see an even bigger and more successful Legislative Conferences next year!


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State Activity

The Most Popular Activity in Every State

I saw this funny article about the most popular thing to do in each American state. It is based on a collection of twitter posts taken from 2011-2012. Cornell University researchers took each tweet and decided what you were doing for fun. They then compiled the list to find out what was the top ranked activity in each state.

See what states love to do. Some definitely live more healthy lifestyles then others.

Some of the favorite activities:

  • Dancing
  • Eating
  • Talking on the phone
  • Laying down
  • Skiing
  • Manicures

Go see what your state loves to do most:

Most Popular Activity


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Hospital Outbreaks

Outbreak: The Cover Up

A very concerning article in the LA Times on Sunday looked at the reporting and investigation into infections in hospitals. What they found was a bit alarming. When LA County health officials probe hospitals for infectious diseases their findings are confidential. This keeps others from reacting to the situation, and leaves patients in the dark and at risk.

I have summarized some of the information reported.

Health Officials Reports:

Once or twice a month health officials investigate an outbreak in county hospitals. The public is rarely informed which hospital is involved, how many patients were infected, and how many (if any) died from the infection.

Their Rational:

Keeping things confidential (common practice at the federal, state, and local levels) encourages hospitals to be open and quickly report suspected outbreaks.

The Law:

California hospitals (and even doctors in private practice) are required to report the infection of individuals with specific disease. Hospitals face no financial penalty if they do not report events of outbreaks. In 2008 the Nile’s Law was passed giving the public access to limited data on the number of patients infected during specific surgeries and other procedures at hospitals. The hospital association has tried to fight this law and even sued in 2011. The state committee that advises officials on how to report and prevent hospital-acquired infections is comprised of a majority of members who work for hospitals, while only a very small minority (3 out of 17) represents the public. The committee declined to add the superbug CRE to the list of infections reported by hospitals in 2013.

More Public Disclosures:

The secrecy of these reports is opposite of a modern push to more transparency in healthcare. Consumers have benefited in recent times from access to data comparing health outcomes at hospitals, the fees charged for procedures, and payments doctors receive from drug and device manufacturers. Also, the current secrecy keeps other hospitals in the dark and potentially unprepared about outbreaks nearby.


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Remember that this information is for educational purposes only. Seek the advice of a health specialist before making any changes to your healthcare.


LA Times “Outbreaks Shrouded In Secrecy” – Melody Petersen