Detox Results

21-Day Detox Challenge Complete

Our office just finished up our 21-Day Detox Challenge and it went great!

We used the Standard Process 21-Day Program that really focuses on eating the right things, and getting back to good habits in diet and fitness. It is not a replacement of food or a liquid diet like a lot of other programs that restrict your calories. You can eat as much vegetables as you want and you should never feel hungry.

The detox really helps you get back to portion control & healthy, nutritious eating habits. It puts you in tune with how you eat and what you eat. In our modern society there is a great disconnect with the food we eat. Many of us get into this fast paced lifestyle where we think we only have time for fast food and don’t bother to take the time to enjoy the pleasure of eating.

All the participants lost weight, which is a welcome side effect of eating the right things and taking time for exercise. Participants also saw a decrease in body fat % and BMI.

Some felt more energized, like the cloudiness in their heads was cleared.

It was hard but others were able to quit caffeine and sugar and are still resisting today!

What’s next: We hope everyone will slowly add certain foods that were limited during the detox to their new normal healthy diet lifestyle. The detox can also aid as an elimination diet to see if your body may be intolerant to certain foods (gluten, egg, soy).

We will definitely be doing this challenge at least once a year, and hope to help anyone who can benefit!

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