Top Posts of 2015!

Top 7 Posts from 2015

 I hope we were able to move towards health and wellness a little in 2015. We have been brining you information on health topics for two years now! We want to thank all our followers, readers of our blog posts, and those who like the information we bring.

Here is a breakdown of our top 7 posts from 2015! Enjoy!

  1. MRI Of A Knuckle Cracking


  1. Tips To Help Eliminate Your Gut


  1. Lobbying For Chiropractic & Health Legislation


  1. Meditation


  1. Traditional Chinese Medicine: Cupping Therapy


  1. Nutritional Needs For Kids


  1. Health Care Panel


These posts can still be helpful today! Have a wonderful 2016 & we hope to continue to bring you information on True Health & Wellness!


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MRI Of A Knuckle-Cracking

Knuckle-Cracking MRI

If you have not seen or heard about the Real-Time MRI of a person during the process of cracking their knuckles you should check it out!

What: The pop made when cracking one’s knuckles is a product of the rapid creation of a cavity in the fluid inside the joints.

Meaning: The ability to crack your knuckles could be related to joint health. No studies done have found that cracking joints damages them.

Check out the Video:

Check out the full report:


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