July Office Update!

True Health & Wellness: July Update

True Health And Wellness (THAW) 30-Day Challenge: For our July THAW challenge we will be revisiting the challenges we have faced so far! We will see how to incorporate multiple elements from our past challenges into a well-balanced (hopefully) lifestyle. We will be documenting the struggles, successes, and insights we experience while striving to live a true health and wellness lifestyle.

Run OC Summer Training Series: A monthly 3-part summer series that will include a run followed by a short seminar. Attendees to all 3 events will be entered into a drawing for a $100 ASICS gift card! Check out each event page on www.meetup.com/Run-OC for more details.

Meeting schedule:

Sat, July 30 – Nutrition For Runners by Hanna Look, Certifed Health Coach

Sat, Aug. 27 – Stretching, Joint Health, & Injury Prevention by Dr. Alia Tomaszewski.

Sat, Sept. 10 – Running Form & Rehab by Dr. Nathan Yeargin & Dr. David Valle

Complementary Fire Cupping & Posture Evaluation w/ K-tape WEEK: We will be having our complementary fire cupping and/or posture evaluations with Kinesiology Tape 7/18 – 7/22! This month if you are a regular patient, or someone new, come by and enjoy a relaxing, complementary session! Tell your friends and family to sign-up today!

July Raffle: Our monthly winner will get a $25 gift card to our friends & new neighbors at Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH). Enjoy all they have to offer for the summer!

How to enter: Everyone who receives either acupuncture or chiropractic treatment at True Health & Wellness for the month of July will be given an entry to the raffle. Our winner will be drawn at random at the end of the month. It could be you!

Office Hour Changes:

July 4th: Closed: Happy 4th!

July 6-9: Dr. David out of office

Aug 3-11: Dr. Nate Out of office

Sorry for any inconvenience. We try our best to make health & wellness available to all our patients at times that work for them. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help!


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4 Ways to Decrease Risk of Cancer

4 Ways to Decrease Risk of Death From Cancer

According to the latest research approximately half of all cancer deaths in the USA could be prevented or even stalled from progressing if Americans would do four things in their everyday lives. If these measures were followed it would also reduce the number of new cases of cancer by 40% – 70%!

Making healthy lifestyle changes could cut into the growing epidemic of new cancer diagnoses and deaths every year. This is based on two long running research studies looking at cancer rates and health behaviors. In opposition to other research claiming 80% of cancers may be attributed to factors beyond our control, these studies show that bad behaviors trump bad luck as a cause of cancer.

Research suggests that the best way to fight cancer is by promoting health, and not investing in biomedical research to improve cancer vaccines and therapies.

Ways to decrease your risks:

  1. Quit Smoking: In the US, 1 out of 5 adults has a history of smoking.
  1. Cut back on alcohol consumption: 1 drink per day for women, and 2 drinks per day for men. Binge drinking is never considered a healthy lifestyle choice.
  1. Maintain a healthy weight: 38% of Americans are considered obese (BMI over 30). Many more are close to the cutoff point of having a BMI of 25, which is considered overweight if you exceed it.
  1. Get 150 minutes of exercise every week:5% of adults reported that they did not exercise out of regular job activities in the past month. And only 20% meet the government recommended standard for physical activity.


Your Tustin Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic:

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Remember that this information is for educational purposes only. Seek the advice of a health specialist before making any changes to your healthcare.



LA Times “4 ways to halve cancer death risk” – Melissa Healy

THAW 30-Day Challenge: June

True Health And Wellness (THAW) 30-Day Challenge:


 The THAW 30-Day Challenge for June is going to be running 5K per day!

Here is a breakdown of this month’s challenge:

What: 5K run per day

Who: True Health & Wellness

Where: Earth

When: The month of June

We will be documenting the struggles, successes, and insights we experience while striving to live the true health and wellness lifestyle. We will be posting all the latest updates on our blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook.

We hope these challenges will give us first hand insights about how to bring a better, healthier lifestyle to our patients and ourselves. We want to be walking the walk & talking the talk of a true health and wellness lifestyle.

Let us know if you have any recommendations for our next challenge!