Cupping Therapy

Cupping: By An Acupuncturist

Cupping is a therapy widely used by many different practitioners. It is a therapy in which a jar is attached to the skin surface, and causes local congestion through the negative pressure created. Although some practitioners may only see cupping as a soft tissue therapy to relieve pain, a licensed acupuncturist knows the many uses of cupping.

Types: We use two types of jars. A glass cup, which is transparent so you can see the level of local congestion you are causing and control treatment accordingly, or a plastic cup which is also transparent. 

Methods: At True Health & Wellness we use two techniques when cupping therapy is performed. The fire twinkling method is used with glass jars to create a negative pressure and adhere the jar to the skin. This method usually lasts ten minutes and then the jar is withdrawn. The fire used creates a more warming function during the cupping therapy.

The plastic jars are used with a pump, which creates a negative pressure to adhere the jar to the skin. This cupping method is used when many areas are being targeted at once, or when a warming function is not required. This method can last anywhere from 5-20 minutes or as needed.

Indications: The cupping therapy has a function of warming and promoting the free flow of qi and blood in the meridians, which is why it is a great therapy for soft tissue issues (sprains/strains). Cupping therapy can also be used for dispelling dampness, and diminishing swelling and pain. It can be used to treat symptoms of pain in the low back, shoulders, and legs. It is also used for gastrointestinal disorders including stomachache, vomiting, and diarrhea. Cupping can also be applied to cases of lung disease with symptoms of coughing and asthma.

Precautions: Cupping is not used on patients with certain pre-existing conditions (edema, ulcers, high fevers, or pregnant women). There will be a bruise in the area where the therapy was done which may last several days. Sometimes small blisters may occur.

Be sure to see a licensed acupuncturist to get the most out of your cupping therapy!


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