30-DAy Challenge: Kombucha

True Health And Wellness (THAW) 30-Day Challenge:


 May’s THAW 30-Day Challenge is going to take place at Zama Tea & Kombucha in Old Town Tustin!

Here is a breakdown of this month’s challenge:

What: Kombucha Daily!

Who: True Health & Wellness vs. Zama Tea

Where: Zama Tea 434 El Camino Real in Old Town Tustin

When: The month of May

We will be documenting the struggles, successes, and insights we experience while striving to live the true health and wellness lifestyle. We will be posting all the latest updates on our blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook.

We hope these challenges will give us first hand insights about how to bring a better, healthier lifestyle to our patients and ourselves. We want to be walking the walk & talking the talk of a true health and wellness lifestyle.

Let us know if you have any recommendations for our next challenge!



May Update!

True Health & Wellness: May Update

True Health And Wellness (THAW) 30 Day Challenge: We are so excited to announce our next THAW 30 Day Challenge! For our May challenge we will be drinking Kombucha daily for the month! We will be documenting the struggles, successes, and insights we experience while striving to live a true health and wellness lifestyle. The plan is to get some great Kombucha daily from our friends at Zama Tea in Old Town Tustin!! We can’t wait to see how this will affect our health & wellness.

Complementary Fire Cupping & Posture Evaluation w/ K-tape WEEKS: We will be having TWO WEEKS of complementary fire cupping and/or posture evaluations with Kinesiology Tape this month! All moms are welcome to visit us the week 5/9 – 5/13. The week of 5/23 – 5/27 all veterans and service men, along with our current & future patients are welcome to get their cupping & KT-Tape. This month if you are a regular patient, someone new, a veteran, or a mother come by and enjoy a relaxing, complementary session! Tell your friends and family to sign-up today!

May Raffle: We are giving our monthly winner a $25 gift card to our neighbors at Archie’s Ice Cream. Summer is almost here, so cool off with Archie’s!

How to enter: Everyone who receives either acupuncture or chiropractic treatment at True Health & Wellness for the month of May will be given an entry to the raffle. Our winner will be drawn at random at the end of the month. It could be you!


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Tea & Thyroid

Tea & Thyroid Cancer

An interesting study was done in Greece in which researchers polled residents about their lifestyles (eating and drinking habits). What they found was that those who reported drinking chamomile tea over longer periods of time were less likely than others to develop thyroid malignancies and benign growths.

The Mediterranean diet has been shown through other studies to be preventative against many diseases, including cancer.

The researchers found that those who drank chamomile tea two to six times per week were 70% less likely to contract thyroid abnormalities.

Researchers looked at two other types of tea (sage tea and mountain tea), and although they reduce the likelihood of malignancies, they do not decrease its likelihood as much as chamomile.

More studies need to be conducted, and tea is not the panacea for cancer protection. A healthy lifestyle approach is the best practice to help reduce risks of disease.


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