A very dear friend of mine referred me to Dr. Nathan Yeargin.  After being rear-ended in a small collision, Dr. Nathan provided the most thorough examination that I have received from any doctor in far too many years.  He is truly invested in helping you improve the quality of your life, in addition to healing your current immediate needs.  He is personable, respectful and has a good bedside manner that puts you at ease.  Every visit has proven to be beneficial and improved my back, aches and pains, and lifted my spirits.  Their offices are in a spa-like atmosphere and it is a pleasure to go there.  I would highly recommend Dr. Nathan for whatever it is that may ail you!


Two years ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.  The pain from the ulcerative colitis was so unbearable.  I was becoming sick so much that I was constantly on steroids for the pain.  Not only did I have pain, but also I was losing weight and I could not eat anything.  My son-in-law introduced me to Dr. Yeargin.   I was in so much pain that I was willing to try acupuncture.  I went to see Dr. Yeargin last year in May.  When I entered his office my pain level (from 0-10) was a 10.  Dr. Yeargin made me feel very comfortable and safe.  After my first visit I could feel my pain level starting to go down.  Dr. Yeargin put me on a structured vitamin and acupuncture plan.  It has now been 9 months and let me say that I feel like my old self again.  I am no longer on steroids and my pain level is now a zero.  I have gained a little weight and now I can eat.  I have changed my whole way of living.  I now live a healthy life style and my ulcerative colitis is in remission.  Thank you Dr. Yeargin.  You are the best!


If, like me, you have given up on Chiropractors because relief was temporary I invite you to come in and see Drs. Nathan and David at True Health & Wellness in Tustin.  I was not able to turn my neck completely to the left or right for at least 15 years and I had been to about a half dozen Chiropractors. Then I found these remarkable men.  My pain went from a 10+, to most days just a One and I even now have many ZERO days.   Like the commercial says, “what are you waiting for”?  Call them today.  They even work hard to accept most insurance plans.  “It just keeps getting better”!!

– Mary Anne

I came into True Health and Wellness office after finding them rated #1 on Yelp.


My lower back was hurting and I suffered from severe headaches. During the time I was being treated, I became pregnant and had heard it was very beneficial to get acupuncture during pregnancy. I was able to get acupuncture for my headaches and then during my pregnancy. I could see that during the time I was under Dr. Nathan Yeargin’s care my headaches became less and disappeared. I also was able to deliver a healthy baby girl.

I can say that Dr. Yeargin does a great job in listening and is very easy to talk to. The office is very clean and comfortable. 9 months later and I still have no sign of those horrible headaches but plan to go in again for baby number two in the near future.  I would highly recommend True Health and Wellness to anyone with pain or pregnancy.  I look forward to coming back.



My journey to get pregnant began in September 2018. My husband and I got pregnant with our first child immediately so I anticipated that we would conceive pretty quickly this time around. When it didn’t happen within a few months, I decided to try acupuncture since it had been recommended by my doctor. Initially, I went to an acupuncturist in Irvine for 5 months. I didn’t feel completely comfortable with the acupuncturist and his treatment so I decided to do more research and find another place that I was more comfortable with and that had experience with infertility.  After looking at Yelp reviews and speaking to Dr. Yeargin, I decided to try out True Health and Wellness. Before even treating me, Dr. Yeargin worked with me on a treatment plan, something the other acupuncturist hadn’t done. After discussing the plan and my history, we began our first month of treatment. I was very pleased with Dr. Yeargin’s approach and treatment from day one.  Not only was the treatment relaxing, Dr. Yeargin worked


with my schedule to see me and always made sure I was comfortable and my concerns were addressed. Fast forward to a little over a month after my first treatment, I was pleased and shocked to learn that I was pregnant!  Of course, Dr. Yeargin was the first call I made— after my husband and OBGYN of course— to announce the exciting news. After we jumped for joy together, we continued my treatment throughout the course of my pregnancy. Acupuncture definitely made this pregnancy smoother and easier than my first. Fast forward again to nine months later, and I am blessed to have had my baby girl born on April 19, 2019. Kaya is a healthy and happy baby and her mommy has had a smooth recovery.  I am eternally grateful to Dr. Yeargin for everything and couldn’t be more pleased with True Health and Wellness.



Due to sustaining a lower back injury at age 14 from competitive gymnastics, I had always wanted to find a good chiropractor I could see regularly; but, as it tends to, “life” got in the way of my self-care. Prior to finding True Health & Wellness, I had been to the chiropractor maybe three times in my life- but that all changed in December 2017 when I was having constant pain in my mid-back and it felt like there was a rock underneath me when I would lie down. After some googling and a recommendation from another chiropractor who did not take my insurance, I found True Health & Wellness- and I am so very glad I did!

The environment of the clinic was welcoming and I immediately felt comfortable with both Dr. David and Dr. Nathan. Dr. David and Dr. Nathan are both friendly while also maintaining professionalism and being great at what they do. Dr. David began treating me for back pain that turned out to be a rib out of place and subsequently treated my chronic lower back pain and neck stiffness I had dealt with for a majority of my life. After my visits became regular, I would routinely tell Dr. David his neck adjustments were “life-changing” for the headaches I had learned to live with but no longer experienced due to my visits.

I continued to see Dr. David and then began to see Dr. Nathan for acupuncture for stress, anxiety, and fertility. My wife and I had previously tried getting pregnant and were unsuccessful with IUI procedures at a fertility clinic and I wanted to make sure I was doing everything for both my emotional and physical health before we tried again. In March 2018, I started acupuncture for fertility with Dr. Nathan with an expected cycle of IUI in April. And after the month long treatment of acupuncture, I became pregnant in April!

Throughout my pregnancy, I continued to see Dr. David for related pains and discomfort. He was able to help with tightness and pain in my hips and back and anything else that would arise. Aside from sickness for the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, the maintenance of seeing Dr. David truly helped maintain comfort (as much as can be expected during pregnancy) for the rest of my pregnancy.

In January 2019, my son Lincoln was born! And, although it is now much harder to attend True Health & Wellness as regularly as I did without an infant, I am so very grateful for all of their support. I would highly recommend both chiropractic care and acupuncture at True Health & Wellness. They are invested in their patients all around health and offer customized treatments based on your unique needs. And no matter how long I go between visits, my anxiety is minimal to reach out because I know I am welcomed with open arms!